Top 10 Best Remote Starter System in 2020 Reviews

Remote starter systems present a lot of convenience for drivers. For example, you can get the engine to warm up while you get ready for work. Some can help you kill the switch if your car has been stolen and others can get the air conditioning working while you are still in the office so that by the time you get into the car, the atmosphere is favorable. Making a choice may be hard so we have compiled the top 10 best remote starter system in 2020 reviews to give you a guide to what you can get for your vehicle. The options in this list have received favorable reviews by experts and those who have used them already.

10. Fortin – EVO-NIST1 – Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter System For Infiniti Nissan Push-To-Start Vehicles 2009+

Best Remote Starter System: 10. Fortin - EVO-NIST1 - Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start

This starter is compatible with Nissan Evo 2009 and above. It makes starting the car without a key easy. You can install it for an Evo that does not have a key port. It is pretty basic and affordable. A person with knowledge about installing car remotes should not have trouble installing it. You press the remote 3 times to start the engine but this only works on automatic transmission cars as it will not shift the gears on a manual transmission vehicle. The remote however comes separately.

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9. Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System

Best Remote Starter System: 9. Viper 5706V

You can start your car with this remote even when you are literally a mile away. It is actually a security system and it has 5 priority buttons that control 24 different functions including temperature monitoring, vehicle tracking, opening the trunk and much more. I particularly like the LCD screen on the remote which you can use to monitor a lot for example if the car has cooled or heated up enough before you get into it. It comes with color coded wires to help you install it yourself. The remote is slim and fits well in your pocket.

8. Universal Immobilizer Bypass for Remote Start

Best Remote Starter System 8. DEI 556U Universal Immobilizer Bypass

You can use this device to install a remote starter in your car. It is quite easy to install especially since it comes with just 2 wires that need to be connected. It will bypass the vehicle immobilizer so that you are able to start the vehicle with a remote. This can be fitted on just about any car but you need to be ready t b the remote starter if you do not already have one and you may need a spare remote starter key to operate it. Overall it is a simple to install affordable device.

7. EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Key PKE Passive Keyless Entry Car Alarm System engine start button Remote Engine Start Universal Version

Best Remote Starter System: 7. EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Key

With this one, you can start both automatic and manual transmissions and heat or cool them before you get into the car. The system is also able to lock the doors automatically once you walk 3 meters away and open it also automatically when you are within 3 meters. It is a very convenient security system for your car and comes complete with the alarm ready to be installed and 2 remote keys. You can use it on most modern vehicles. With this, there is no need for a key. In case you remote start it by mistake, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes.


6. Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remorte Start System

Best Remote Starter System: 6. Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD

Here is a cheaper option of the Viper and yet it has more features. It is a security system with a starter as well that can control a lot of functions remotely. Many car owners though have pointed out how complex it is to install but that should not be a problem for the professionals. To get the best performance, you need to have it professionally installed. The LCD screen gives you a lot of information about the different functions. You can control the different functions from a quarter a mile away.

5. AVITAL 5303L Security/Remote Start System

Best Remote Starter System: 5. AVITAL 5303L Security/Remote Start System

This starter puts a lot of information into your hand. It enables you to start cooling or heating your car before you get to it as well as start the engine. The advanced security sensors can tell you which exact part of the car is being tampered with by an intruder and you can activate the panic alarm to chase away the thieves. You can also immobilize the car using the remote. You get the option of a remote with LCD screen or one with only buttons. It is reasonably priced yet efficient.

4. Avital 5305L 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security

Best Remote Starter System: 4. Avital 5305L 2-Way LCD Remote

This remote can start your car when you are 1500 feet away. With some remotes, you may not know if the car has actually started, but with this one, it will confirm that the engine is actually running. You can control a number of functions using the remote and you can also use it while inside the car which eliminates the need for a key. It is also a reliable security system which you can even put on vibrate mode so that if the alarm on the car goes off, the remote will vibrate instead of beep. You would pay less for this 5305L than for the 5303L.

3. Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm with Remotes and Failsafe Starter Kill-Set

Best Remote Starter System: 3. Avital 3100LX

You can save money by installing this remote starter with alarm. It is a lot cheaper than many other options yet it provides you with exactly what you would use the others for. You can start the engine and let it warm up while you are still in the house or office, you can keep the engine running while you run into the store with the key and you can keep the car safe using the alarm. You may, however, need a professional to help you install it if you are not electrically competent.

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2. Avital 4115L Avistart Remote Start with Two 1-Button Controls

Best Remote Starter System: 2. Avital 4115L Avistart

If you prefer a one button remote, then this may be the best option. There is really no fanfare to this starter. All you do is press the button and it will start. Installation is quite easy and quick and its operation distance is impressive even in areas that may seem crowded. The only thing is it is one-way so there is really no confirmation that the vehicle has actually started. Overall though it is convenient.

1. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote

Best Remote Starter System: 1. Avital 4103LX

If you like your remote small, then you will appreciate this one. It gives you the ability to start your car without a key using a small remote. Installation is a bit complicated and will require a professional but once you get it installed, you should enjoy the performance. The 2 remotes come at a really reasonable price for a remote starter with such great performance.

When choosing a remote starter system, it is important to consider how compatible it is with your vehicle as well as the other features it may have like alarm and security system or the ability to control other systems in the car like the air conditioning.

This top 10 list has incorporated the different types of remotes to ensure that there is something for everyone at an affordable cost. Whichever you choose that suits your need, comes highly recommended.

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